1. Fool

From the recording Fool

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I’m holding back my words to say the least
Poets only love a masterpiece
Like you

Though I vomit out, expose my every thought
I kick myself for spilling when I ought
To play it cool-

Cuz I’m nothing less than a fool
When it comes to you


Seems around you I lose all composure
Your smile’s like a blinding ray-
Sun on full exposure

You fill me up, you calm me down
You’re like a gorgeous scenic lake
Where serenity is found

And I’m so quick to slip, so quick to drown
I’m so fast to fall- I’m like a class A circus clown

Cuz I’m nothing less than a fool
When it comes to you

~~~~~ (and like a fool, I’ll say to you..)

Do you ever wonder what if-
We gave it a try
Would we have made it work
Was it right person, just wrong time?

Call me stupid call me crazy
If what I’m saying’s out of line
I think part of me hopes still
That one day you could be mine
You could be…

I’m such a fool
No one makes me feel the way you do
Ah The way you do ooh ooh

I think gone are the days
When you felt the same
But I think I’ve come to terms
With you always somewhere in my brain

I’ll be your friend forever
If forever is the fate
Be here to cheer you on
You deserve all that is great

And I hope you’re more than just a fool
When love comes to you